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Saffron which has fascinated the globe is a valuable herb with a pleasant taste, color and aroma in Iran.

Saffron, scientifically named Crocus Sativus, is called “Safran” in French. more….

properties of saffron

Saffron is full of wonders and medicinal properties is one of them
Most important medicinal properties of saffron which are known through the ages include, more….

How to use saffron

The best way to use saffron and maximum its flavor, smell and color is to grind it. Grinded saffron must be dissolved in boiling water and it beast to be browed for using in beverages and foods.

. more….

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Untitled-2 • To be the pioneer in the field of production, packaging and processing of saffron in Iran and the region• To pay special attention to domestic markets, and to gain access to overseas markets including Europe and Central and Latin America• To maximize customers’ satisfaction by providing a unique product• To develop the quantity and quality of our products and to pay special attention to customers’ needs for our basic product (i.e. saffron)• To create sustainable jobs, particularly in the old city of Torshiz, Bardaskan, and to empower our employees• To win awards and obtain quality certificates, enhance the quality of our products, and cement our relationship with customers, and make our brand a leading one